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Top 5 Most Overlooked Places Men Forget to Apply Sunscreen

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Are you protecting these 5 most overlooked ares?

As we wrap up this month’s focus on men’s skin care, it is important that we identify the top 5 most overlooked places men forget to protect with sunscreen when working and playing outdoors. 

  1. Scalp

    The scalp is probably one of the most neglected patches of skin when it comes to sun protection. Remember that the top of your head usually takes a direct hit when out in the sun and you need to protect it.  Hats work great to cover both your head and face.  When you aren’t wearing a hat, remember to apply sunscreen to the exposed areas of your scalp to prevent burning (and the embarrassing dandruff like peeling that follows). 

    Our recommendation – A great product to protect your exposed scalp, the area right at the hairline, and the skin in the part of your hair is the Colorescience Sunforgettable Broad Spectrum SPF 50 brush-on sunscreen.   The mineral based power can be brushed right on to the skin, through your hair, without leaving any residue in your hair. 

  2. Feet

    Sunburns on the tops of your feet make it really hard to enjoy your summer activities. If you apply your sunscreen on with your shoes on, you are leaving your skin exposed when you take your shoes off.  It’s important to apply sunscreen to your feet when you remove your shoes and to reapply when you change shoes, or after your feet have been in the water. 

    Our recommendation – EltaMD’s UV Aero Broad-Spectrum SPF 45 makes protecting the tops of your feet quick and easy.  Just spray it on and you are ready to go.  

  3. Ears

    Skin cancer is often found in and around the ears because they are neglected during sunscreen application. In addition, hats often do not protect the ears.  Make sure you are applying sunscreen on the top of the ear, ear lobe, behind the ear, and in the inner-bowl of the ear. 

    Our recommendation – This is another great application for the Colorescience Sunforgettable Broad Spectrum SPF 50 brush-on sunscreen because the brush helps you apply protection into the hard to reach areas of the ear. 

  4. Lips

    The lips sunburn easily, so don’t skip them as part of your sun protection routine. Dermatologists recommend a lip balm with a SPF of at least 30. 

    Our recommendation – Use EltaMD’s Broad-Spectrum SPF 31 UV Lip Balm and reapply often, especially after eating, drinking, or swimming.

  5. Hands

    Long sleeves are a great way to protect your arms, but remember that the backs of your hands are also exposed. In addition to increasing your chances of a sunburn, unprotected exposure can cause your hands to look older due to sun damage and age spots.  Remember the backs of your hands when you are applying sunscreen and reapply each time you wash your hands. 

    Our recommendation – EltaMD’s UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 can be applied to wet or dry skin and is water-resistant up to 80 minutes. 

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